Protect Your Office – When to Hire Covid Sanitation Services

March 2, 2021

Are you trying to safeguard your workforce against coronavirus? If so, then you are most likely following all the necessary guidelines on health and cleaning. However, to get full protection, you need to know the benefits of professional disinfection services.

Professional services can go much deeper than traditional cleaning can, with special tools and chemical cleaners. Read on to find out when you must hire COVID sanitation services. 

Why Choose COVID Sanitation Services?

Viruses spread through water droplets caused by respiration, such as breathing and particularly when coughing or sneezing. If these particles come into contact with skin, they can then easily be transferred through touch. This makes the COVID virus easily spreadable. 

It is now known that this virus can be extremely durable. It can live on objects for a matter of hours, or it can survive much longer for a period of a few days. To remove it, you need to disinfect it.

Disinfection is a process in which microorganisms, including viruses, are removed from surfaces. This is usually through the use of chemicals. Disinfecting stops the virus from reproducing and removes it from the surface. 

Covid sanitation services perform full, thorough disinfection of properties. They make sure that around 99% of all viruses are destroyed. 

Could I Do It Myself?

Disinfection of your office should take place using your staff or cleaning team. Areas of high touch, such as door handles, need disinfecting two or three times a day. This stops the transfer should it be in your facility. 

This can be done by your in-house staff. However, a much deeper clean takes a lot longer. An in-house clean will also fail to reach the places professional disinfections services will reach. 

For example, we use an advanced electrostatic system, to reach the places your traditional cleaning methods can not. This is combined with an EPA-approved disinfectant that kills influenza and coronavirus immediately. This hospital-grade disinfecting solution is much more powerful than your average household or office cleaner. 

After an Outbreak

If one or more of your office workers contracts COVID, then you must hire disinfection services. This may be after a period of shutdown in the office, whereby many people have been working remotely from home. Even if the office has been empty for some time, you should still consider full disinfection services. 

You should also consider this is any known associates or relatives of a worker have COVID. As it can carry in people symptomless for some time, it may already be in your office without you knowing. 


Office cleaning and COVID sanitation are very different. Cleaning is the process of wiping away surface grime, rubbish, and a general decluttering of your office space. Sanitation involves deep disinfecting, to remove the microbes and virus spores that cause COVID.

If you are using the office, then a routine clean is not enough. Even with a regular disinfection strategy, you still need specialist help. There are areas normal cleaning companies may miss because they do not have the expertise or tools to deal with it. 

When a Portion of Your Workforce Returns

You may be opening up your office or facility to only a portion of your workforce. Perhaps a certain department is returning in a phased reintroduction. At this point, it pays not just to disinfect their area but the whole office itself. 

This is because COVID is known to be a very mobile virus. It travels in water droplets in the air and through touch. This can mean that despite being in one area, it can quickly move to another, such as the returning section of your office. 

After a Furniture Move

Many offices are choosing to move furniture around to combat the spread of the virus. This can often involve spacing furniture further apart, or it may require the erection of barriers. 

All of this should be followed by thorough disinfection. COVID lingers on surfaces, and the movement of furniture and office equipment requires a high level of contact. As well as wearing gloves and PPE equipment during the move, for the health and safety of workers, you should consider COVID sanitation immediately afterward. 

If You Have High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas are any part of your office that sees a lot of footfall or movement. Some areas of your office may see very little, such as private space like corner desks or certain corridors. However, others may be main thoroughfares or places in constant use, such as busy boardrooms. 

If you have people coming in from outside the office to use them, then the risk increases drastically. As well as the high touch areas like doorknobs and seating, you also have numerous smaller surfaces that may have been touched multiple times. This makes disinfecting even more vital. 

If You Have High-Risk Employees

A number of people can be classified as at high risk of contracting COVID. Due to underlying or pre-existing conditions, contraction could be extremely dangerous or fatal for them. 

These pre-existing conditions can include diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Anyone who has had previous medical issues, such as cancer treatments, is considered at risk. Older employees, particularly anyone over the age of 65, also fall into this category. 

Anyone like this in your workforce needs the correct health and safety protection. A deep COVID sanitation service using the correct equipment and EPA-approved chemicals can safeguard them. 

Contact an Expert

Now you know when to hire COVID sanitation services, you should speak with a professional. This virus will not wait, and safeguarding your staff is of the utmost importance. Professionals will be able to give you advice about their services and how to better your own cleaning regime. 

Your first stop should be Espray. We utilize Elektrostatic Advanced Disinfecting technology to deep clean your space. Contact us today and let us begin safeguarding your premises. 

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