Keep Returning Employees Safe With Commercial Disinfecting Services

April 8, 2021

Almost twice as many people were working from home, than those that were going into work. In times like this, we are shifting from an altered way of life to a new normal. As we prepare to reenter the workplace, we must do it in a way that keeps everyone safe.  

Are you prepared for employees to come back? Returning to the office will take steps such as hiring a commercial disinfecting service, and enforcing mask requirements. We have gotten through this pandemic together, and we will get back to the daily grind by working together by putting these helpful tips into action.

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Give Everyone Time to Adjust

This pandemic has been quite dramatic, and a weird time for the entire world. Going back to something of a normal workday after working from home, or not working at all will need some time to get used to for us all.

The desks and workstations may be spaced out, we may be wearing masks and washing our hands more frequently, and doing things a bit differently but soon it will go like clockwork.

Sanitation Stations

By now we are used to seeing hand sanitizer stations set up everywhere, and that is exactly what your office will need, too. One at the entrance to the workplace and several others placed around the office is easily accessible, and high trafficked areas.

Figuring Out Solutions for Common Areas

Places that were once common areas where employees may have gathered or multiple employees have been at once such as the community copy machine or break room will need to be used a bit differently

Certain things may be able to be switched to touch-free sensors or voice activation modes to avoid touching surfaces and requiring constant sanitizing of areas such as water coolers, elevators, and doors.

Mask Requirements

Every state has different regulations about wearing masks, especially indoors. If your employees are in their own offices with closed doors the rules may be more flexible than a workplace where they are not able to be so self confined during their shift. 

To keep everyone safe, you may need to enforce mask requirements for your employees. if they have a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask, they will bring in proof from their doctor stating that they do not have to wear one.

Hanging up Signage

Since the pandemic began, there have been new signs popping up all over the place. They help us to know the requirements, and to remind us to follow the rules to keep us safe and healthy.

Signs in the workplace may use pictures or print to convey the importance of wearing a mask to protect themselves, and their coworkers, washing their hands, and sanitizing workspaces.

Offering Covid Testing

Offering your employees Covid-19 testing can give them peace of mind as they adjust back to the daily grind and being back in the office. Beyond testing, you may wish to arrange for them to be vaccinated, should they wish to participate in that.

This should never be a mandatory requirement but done voluntarily.

Inquiring About Contact With Covid

Clocking into work may look a little bit different, now. When your employees arrive at work, answering a few short questions could help to eliminate the spread of illness before it begins. These questions include:

  • Do you feel ill?
  • Do you have a fever or chills?
  • Have you experienced a loss of taste or smell?
  • Have you been in contact with anyone that has confirmed Covid?

It takes less than a minute to answer these questions but can stop a world of future issues and outbreaks. You can take the screening process one step further and take a digital temperature of employees when they enter the building. This is especially important after an employee’s day off or vacation time.

Working From Home in Cases With Covid Contact

Should your employees report that they have been in contact with someone that has Covid-19, offering them the opportunity to work from home while they self-quarantine would be worth being short an employee rather than risk exposing the rest of the staff to it.

Once their two weeks have passed, or they pass a Corona test with negative results, then they can return to work. If they have been to the office before they knew they had been exposed to Covid, their workspace should be deeply sanitized, and their coworkers told.

Installing Air Purifiers

Air purifying systems can help clean the air consistently from airborne matter. There are several different options such as a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air), negative ION, or UV technology purifiers. You may choose to install one large unit on the HVAC system, or several small units placed around the workplace.

Professional Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial office cleaning services should be brought in to help ensure that every surface is thoroughly disinfected and safe for employees to touch while they are working.

commercial cleaning service will provide peace of mind by protecting against harmful viruses, especially one that uses electrostatic technology. Hire them to come in while the office is closed once a week, or at least a few times per month.

Workday Cleaning

In between the times when your commercial cleaning service comes, there should be cleaning maintenance done by employees such as wiping down their own personal work surfaces with disinfectant, and also common areas and of course bathrooms.

Learn what will be done by your disinfecting and cleaning services so that you can learn how to fill in the gaps when they are not there.

Limiting Visitors

Does your office normally experience a high volume of visitors?

It may be in your (and your employee’s) best interest to limit the number of visitors at this time, and to shift their visits into virtual meetings or e-mail contact, instead. Limiting the number of people going in and out of the workplace makes your employees less exposed to possible germs.

Keeping the Workplace Safe

Getting back to work with a space full of employees will be much easier if the company can be diligent with enforcing rules, having employees follow them, and using precautions such as air purifiers.

You can easily have a commercial cleaning service available to sanitize the office. Contact Electrostatic Advanced Disinfecting Solutions to discuss your disinfecting needs. Be smart, be safe, be productive.

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