How to Often Does Your Home Need to Be Sanitized?

April 7, 2021

When was the last time you sanitized all the doorknobs in your house? What about light switches? Have you cleaned your kitchen chairs lately?

These high-touch surfaces could carry viruses or germs spread by unwashed hands. The CDC recommends homeowners sanitize high-touch surfaces once a day or every other day.

But how do you keep up with every surface in your home? In the busyness of daily life, it can be difficult to disinfect so many surfaces of your home on a regular basis. Even if you do find the time, how can you be certain you’re using the most effective cleaning methods and/or products?

Hiring a home sanitizing service is a great solution for disinfecting your home. Keep reading to find out more about how home sanitizing works and how often you should schedule a deep cleaning for your home.

How Does A Home Sanitizing Service Work?

A home sanitizing service is different from a traditional cleaning service. Homeowners leave their spaces while professionals come in with specialized equipment.

First, the sanitizing pros will cover screens, microfiber upholstery, and anything else the homeowner asks. Using a specialized sprayer, pros will spread disinfecting agents on surfaces and in the air.

Disinfecting a home through this method makes sure those hard-to-reach places are cleaned. Many professionals will clean high-touch surfaces by hand in addition to spraying them.

Once the cleaning is complete, the home sanitizing service pros should remove any surface covers and clean up the area.

After a 30 minute waiting period, homeowners can enter and enjoy their newly sanitized living space! A 30-minute wait allows the disinfectant enough time to do its job.

Cleaning Materials Matter

CDC study found 1 in 3 adults used unsafe cleaning practices trying to clean during COVID-19. Homeowners could clean their houses from top to bottom every day but if you’re not using the right products, it won’t do any good. Deep cleaning your home is important, but the products you use should be EPA-approved and safe.

The EPA has a list of approved disinfecting materials that are safe to use. When you hire a home sanitizing service, make sure they are using materials approved by both the CDC and the EPA. It’s important for you and those cleaning your home to clean with safe and effective products and methods.

The Most Effective Way To Clean

The CDC recommends cleaning high-touch surfaces daily with soap, water, and approved disinfectants. Traditional cleaning methods work well, but can’t always cover every area that needs sanitizing. Using an electrostatic spraying method can cover almost every area of your home.

Electrostatic cleaning methods use sprayers with positively charged rings inside. These charged rings make contact with liquid sanitizer before leaving the cleaning unit. Since most surfaces carry a negative charge, the positively charged cleaning ions attract to the surfaces.

This causes the disinfecting agent to stick to almost every surface it reaches. The undersides of tables and chairs and other small surfaces that can’t be cleaned are easily disinfected by electrostatic spraying. A recent study shows electrostatic spraying disinfects up to ten times better than traditional cleaning methods.

How Often Should My Home Be Sanitized?

The answer depends on how much time you spend in your home and the health of those who live with you.

Everyday cleaning in a healthy household should include bathroom and kitchen surfaces, kitchen floors, high-touch surfaces, and kitchen tables.

Bedding, all floors, dusting, and cleaning the insides of microwaves and refrigerators should be on your weekly cleaning checklist.

Vents, light fixtures, and blinds need a good scrub at least once a month. Other upholstery, dryer vents, and drapes need deep cleanings annually.

Home sanitizing services can clean your home as often as twice a month. Frequent cleanings can lighten the burden of sanitizing everything in your home. High-touch surfaces still need daily cleaning per the CDC’s guidelines.

If Someone Is Sick

If someone in your house is sick with a viral or bacterial infection, you need to take your cleaning regimen to the next level. The CDC has guidelines for cleaning your home when someone is ill. Daily disinfecting is a must when someone is sick, and you’ll likely have to run separate laundry loads as well.

These tasks can be exhausting. After illness has passed through your home, it’s a good idea to give everything a deep clean. Hiring a home sanitizing service is an efficient and effective way to disinfect your home.

You can feel good about inviting others into your space after an illness after it’s been professionally sanitized.

Not Just for Homes

Professional sanitizing services aren’t just for homes. Offices, schools, places of worship, community & fitness centers, and daycares can all benefit from professional sanitizing.

Home Sanitizing Service Is Always Beneficial

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us more aware of how easily illness can be spread. We should continue to practice regular handwashing and home sanitizing after the pandemic is over. This will help all of us stay healthier during annual cold and flu seasons.

Many Americans are feeling added burdens through the pandemic. Cleaning and sanitizing your home is important, but shouldn’t add stress to your life.

At Elektrostatic Advanced Disinfecting Solutions, we want everyone in your home to stay healthy. We will complete a walk-through of your home before we start cleaning. We will cover all surfaces with care and sanitize your home with precision and care.

Give us a call at 877-437-7729, email [email protected], or get a free estimate on our website. A home sanitizing service may be more affordable than you think. Let us help you keep your home clean during and after COVID-19.

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