Dealing With An Outbreak of Covid-19? What now?

January 5, 2021

Cleaning Up Covid-19 Outbreaks

As cases continue to rise across the country, we receive numerous calls from panicked business owners. The most common question is, “What should we do?”. Contacting a professional disinfecting company is a significant first step! Speaking with a knowledgeable source can help mitigate further exposure within the business. Once you have made that call, all employees must get tested as soon as possible. Only those employees that report a negative test should be allowed back in the office. However, before anyone comes back into the office, it is important to disinfect every square foot of the business thoroughly. That is where Espray comes in! We utilize high-tech Elektrostatic machines that spray a hospital-grade EPA approved solution. Our machines are designed to thoroughly coat surfaces, killing Covid-19 on the spot. Our thorough approach has a far more significant impact than business owners that try and self-clean. A highly trained technician can spot detailed areas that most often get overlooked by the office staff. 

So what are the steps to disinfecting? 

  1. When a covid-19 outbreak occurs in the office, immediately send employees to get tested.
  2. Contact a professional disinfecting company to thoroughly disinfect your business ASAP.
  3. Only allow employees back into the office after it has been disinfected and IF they have a negative Covid-19 test.
  4. We highly suggest taking temperatures for all employees that enter the building. Anyone with a fever greater than 99.4 degrees should be sent to get tested again. 
  5. If an employee has a positive Covid-19 test, they should quarantine for 14 days. Even after 14 days, that employee still needs to show a negative Covid-19 test before coming back to work.
  6. Continue to monitor the office for any employee experiencing symptoms of Covid-19.  
  7. Depending on the number of employees and foot traffic within the business, you should have your office professionally disinfected every 2 -4 weeks per CDC Guidelines. 

It should go without saying that ALL employees should wear a face-covering in the business’s common areas to prevent covid-19 outbreaks. 

A healthy business is a stronger business and with Elektrostatic’s cleaning and disinfecting services you can rest assured that your office or home will be completely sanitized.

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